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    Kevin crowe

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m a 4rd Year Environmental Geology student and I have an independent project coming up soon. The project involves mapping a stream bed from hydrological water discharge points with the aim to show contaminated land pathways into water catchment areas. This will involve being in the stream/river and probing the sediment and recorded its temperature. This is because the water temperature is fairly linear at whatever time of the year it is. However, if there are cold spots in the bed this indicates a groundwater pathway into the stream. I am looking to produce to best data I can but at the moment this involves probing and writing down the reading at the same time as well as wring my GPS location down. So as you can imagine this will take some time to do a small area.

    What I was hoping to do is come up with a system that allows me to place a waterproof temperature prove on a rod that I can hand drive into the sediment and visually see the temperature. Following this, I would like to have some kind of data logger that is initiated with a push button followed by an audible beep. I don’t require the system to record data constantly or at time intervals but on demand. I was hoping there might be a way of transmitting this information to my Garmin GPSMaps 64s but I have come to find out if it’s not a Garmin product it’s not going to do it and I haven’t the resources to upgrade what I have. That being said, I can export my data from the GPS as an excel doc and was hoping the proposed system above could do the same. Then I can just copy and past the data together before I run it through the mapping software. This way I press two (On the logger and GPS) buttons and record time-stamped data instead of fondling about in a river with 2 bits of kit and a clipboard.

    Best case would integrate the on-demand Temperature Logger and GPS in the same unit that records all in an excel format with a press of a button. However, the GPS would have to have a high accuracy hence why my main concern is the temperature as I have a good GPS unit.
    So my question is, can this be done? I’m working in water as well so I know there may be limited to my idea but I am confident I could waterproof some kind of box to it doesn’t get damaged. I know nothing about Raspberry pi but I am very willing to give anything a go to get the data I need. With any luck, this might also lead on to a PhD opportunity so I best give it the best shot I can.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Please help

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