The International Council for Science (ICSU) has granted €30,000 to IUGS for a proposal prepared by Roland Oberhaensli, IUGS President, to obtain support for the Resourcing Future Generation Initiative.

IUGS Executive Committee members join the Roundup:
Every January in Vancouver, the Association for Mineral Exploration of British Colombia (AME BC) hosts the Mineral Exploration Roundup. This conference brings together prospectors, geoscientists, investors, suppliers and all those interested in the mineral exploration industry. This year, over 6,400 participants from 37 countries attended this event. The 68th Annual IUGS Executive Committee Meeting was held at this same venue, graciously hosted by the Roundup organizers, with sponsorship by Tourism Vancouver and the City of Vancouver. In all, about 50 individuals attended all or portions of the 3-day long IUGS meeting, chaired by IUGS President Roland Oberhaensli. Thanks go to all representatives from the IUGS Scientific Bodies, Affiliated Organizations, and National Committees, for joining the IUGS Executive and presenting on behalf of their groups. Special thanks go to the hosts of the meeting and the representatives from AME BC, CIM, GAC, and Roundup, as well as the Resources for Future Generations 2018 organizing committee.

The 2014 reports from Commissions, Joint Programs and Task Groups have been uploaded at: http://iugs.org/index.php?page=activities.

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