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    I’ve come to the conclusion I need to go back to school, and environmental science is one of the things I’m looking at. Anyone work in this field or going to school for it? What can you tell me about it? It seems a pretty broad profession, with many sub specialties.

    Please help

    I didn’t find the right solution from the…[Leer más]

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    Modern geology generally excludes global cataclysms as having any role in shaping the surface of the Earth. Catastrophic events are acknowledged as having some limited role: impacts, volcanism, supernovae, climate change etc. but usually such events have been called upon to ‘explain’ certain specific occurrences e.g. the extinction of the…[Leer más]

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    I’m getting my masters degree in geophysics, in Norway (I’m norwegian). In norway geophysics and geolgy are looked upon as great mayors, considering that 3/4 of all graduates end up in the oil & gas sector and make good money and have great careers (the remaining 1/4 choose not to be in the petroleum sector – there simply aren’t enough…[Leer más]

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    I’m a 4rd Year Environmental Geology student and I have an independent project coming up soon. The project involves mapping a stream bed from hydrological water discharge points with the aim to show contaminated land pathways into water catchment areas. This will involve being in the stream/river and probing the sediment and…[Leer más]

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    Chile has the world’s largest copper reserves, and is the largest producer and exporter of the metal.Notable copper mines include Chuquicamata and Escondida. Chile accounts for five percent of the Western Hemisphere’s gold production, of which 41 percent is a by-product of copper extraction. The country holds the largest world reserves of…[Leer más]

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    The Cenozoic geological evolution of the Central Andes, along two transects between ∼17.5°S and 21°S, is compared with paleo-topography, determined from published paleo-altimetry studies. Surface and rock uplift are quantified using simple 2-D models of crustal shortening and thickening, together with estimates of sedimentation, erosion, and…[Leer más]

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